There was a thread awhile ago where someone asked if they could tune a guitar up a step, and I suggested that they put a capo on the second fret (One step up) I was then told that this wouldn't change the tuning just give you less frets. So do I not get how a capo works? for example wouldn't putting a capo on the second fret of my DGCFAD guitar make it EADGBE?

A little confused
It doesn't really change the tuning technically... But only putting it on to have less frets would be mindless.

In fact, it's just a barre that you don't have to do with your own hand.

So yes, putting a capo on fret 2 of a guitar tuned in DGCFAD makes it "tuned" EADGBE until you take it off again.
Ya I think the person was just being a prick about semantics. Technically it doesn't change the tuning, but it changes the tuning of the strings when played open...
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Right that what I meant, I put a capo on my DGCFAD guitar at the second fret to play chords and songs in Standard tuning which works fine except for high fret solos and it also means I don't have to keep tuning up and down.