*If you have any ideas for a title then I'd be glad to hear them.

Can anybody hear me?
Do I have the right to be heard?
Tossing quarters in a wishing well
Asking him just where you went

I've come down with a fever
That I don't think I'm breaking off
My temperature is rising
My heart is sinking, oh my heart

Can we just pretend
That everything we ever said
And everything we never said
Were just words that we never meant?

And why does it seem to me
That every day we've ever had
Never really had an ending
Goodbye has never been so bad

I feel that you are way too far
But it's all been said before
By men that are far, far more
Eloquent with all their words

So I will do my best
To try and be somebody
That you can not forget
Somebody I can't be
Good song, especially the repetition of the word heart. I like that. In the first line of the 3rd stanza, maybe you could replace can with can't. It sounds better to me.
I don't like the repetition of far in the 5th stanza. You have 3 times far in 4 lines. It's too much, in my opinion.
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Thanks for the critique. I'll keep it all in mind, I'll edit in the changes I make and definitely critique yours as well.
I liked your song. I just had a few problems. You need to start using a thesaurus for synonyms. I mean, i saw the words "never" "ever" "every" "everything". If you just find some clever words to fill in those words then you'll be golden.
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I really love the way the piece starts and ends. It is really good. In between i feel aren't as powerful as the start and end. I agrew with what the last comment says about the ever, never, every, etc type words, they do get a bit worn in this piece and if u maybe put in a couple of different words it might be better.

Overall though, i really like it, 7/10

btw thanks for the crit on mine
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