okay im gonna save up for a guitar but nothing over £1000
hhere is what i need:
good for hard rock and metal (guns n roses and metallica)
left handed (and please please dont go on at me for not learning right i cant play right)
looks cool
24 frets (optional)
floyd rose (optional)
rosewood finger board
mahogony or alder body
good build quality and will last a long time

dont worry about amp i have a seperate fund for that and im deciding on what amp after the guitar so i can try the amp with hte new guitar
i would wait for DBZ to bring out some of their leftys ... they deffonatly (SP?) will have quality build and they have a cool look
SG! I don't think I need to expand on that.

Oh, alright. My Cort fits the bill, sounds great and is built to last. But you'd have to tolerate an Ebony fretboard. (and save yourself £300 if you can find a leftie)
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