I now feel like playing the original doom...
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I didn't like the intro. I really found it to be just..awkard to listen to. I get what you were going for but it just didn't deliver. The verse after was okay, pretty standard fair for thrash which made it same-y and somewhat stale. The verse with the leads over it really helped thicken it out and add something extra to the otherwise stale riff.

Rest of it was okay but not your best, at all. Lead parts were the best so I suggest getting a good rhythm guy that knows his stuff to help you lol.

c4c man: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1177518
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hehehe thanx buddy now i started thinkin' 'bout it, to get a rhythm guy.... ye as i said it is not final, complete version that's why it is here to get all yor opinions
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hehehe thanx buddy now i started thinkin' 'bout it, to get a rhythm guy.... ye as i said it is not final, complete version that's why it is here to get all yor opinions

It's all good. Some people just naturally play lead better than rhythm or vice-versa.
I think the intro is a good hook, but it runs on just a little too long.

The verse is good, nothing to complain about here.

The solo felt a little lacking, in my opinion. I felt there was a little more you could do with it, it wasn't bad but it was just a little boring.

I really liked the riff starting in bar 56. It's an easy section to headbang to and the transition back to the verse was pretty good too.

Good job on the second solo, I liked it a lot more than the first one.

So overall, I thought it was a pretty good thrash song. Probably an 7-7.5/10. C4C? Either one of the songs in my sig would work, thanks in advance.
the intro was pretty uncool and I didnt really like that but then it got better and better.
I visualized Kirk Hammett rippin his fretboard of when it came to the solo.
in general i found it pretty metallicaresque , but maybe its just me.
Im gonna come clean here, I dont like it. Im really familiar with thrash metal also and I can tell you that this needs to be scraped. Its one of those awkward songs that everybody makes when they're starting to write ****. Solo is too slow for a thrash song but you have the general idea of how a lot of guitarists do it just speed up some of those licks a lot and add some faster runs. Also, try using a tempo like 180 and use 8th notes vs 90 and using 32nd notes in some places. thats just sillyness.

C4C is on my profile, its called song 1 its also in the thrash genre
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the intro is awful sounding i don t like it the main sliding riff is a lil bland but prolly alot better with distortion bar 33 lead fill thing or w/e is meh boring and the solo is very kirk hammet like but too slow for the song you should keep the solo for a diff song and put a fast holy **** sorta solo there u know? the riff after that is not really thrash but good not for thrash tho. the riff after that is alright not the greatest the solo is nice but once again not fast enough. the fast part was a bit bland and over used.


C4C?Any song in my sig
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