Hi all. I have had a beat up old classical guitar for years and years, but I didn't get it new.... Have had it for years and played around with it a lot but never really learned how to play. Now i'm finally really wanting to learn how to play and I'm getting a new guitar. I've chosen a Mitchell MD100SCE for my first "real"guitar and I'll be getting it next week as a birthday present. My question is .. what can I expect from a new guitar "out of the box"? Will I need to take it in for a tuning to begin with, or do I just put on some strings and play? As you can see I know very little about guitars.. I may be an old guy for a newbie, but a newbie I am

I'm very excited to get the new guitar and start working on it... Just want to know what all I will need to do before sitting down and playing.

it depends if you buy it from a store they have most likly set the guitar up before puting it on the shelf, if online it differs from store to store, all guitars come stringed, but you might have to tuine the guitar in E,a,d,g,b,e tuning , very easy to do with a digital tuner ,
Usually guitars will come with strings and are tuned and tested before they leave the factory. They usually tell you on websites. My advice would be play each string a couple times and then tune it again. You can take to a guitar tech to have him check the setup but that usually costs money.
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I'm getting it from guitar center, so based on those comments I guess I can expect it to be stringed. I have no problem tuning the strings. I just wasn't sure if I had to do anything more than that to get started. I appreciate the comments.
Ohh, for sure it'll be stringed. There's no way anyone would sell a guitar if it weren't. How else would you try it?
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Well I know what they have on display is stringed... but I was thinking that what they pull out of the back room and give to me when I get it (or in this case when my wife gets it, since it's my birthday present) that it might not be all set up.... I really don't know how these things work , thus the question
It should be set up.

however you should check the tuning yourself and redo it if needed.