I was wondering what the proper way to hold an electric guitar is? I am just getting back into playing and when I took lessons before I had the guitar sitting on my left leg I play right handed, that is how it feels comfortable. But everything I have seen and read recently says I should have the guitar sitting on my right leg I have tried setting the guitar on my right leg but it feels weird. Does it matter really or is it just how you are most comfortable.
well, theres no proper way but (thanks freepower) you can put the guitar in your left leg or you can on your left making the neck adjustable for your left hand being comfirtable.
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Yeah, the position you find most relaxed to play in. Most guitarists have it on their right leg, but many find it more comfortable on the left leg like a classical guitar. Also many respected teachers teach you to hold it on your left leg classical style.
it depends on what type of guitar you play aswell, i play mainly V shaped guitars so i have the guitar inbetween my legs, ive got soo used to doing like that i play my roundie guitar like that
I use the classical style of putting the guitar on my left thigh.

When its on my right leg it causes me to pull my right elbow back too much therefore making me lift my right shoulder a little bit. Which equals not comfortable at all.
I cross my right leg over my left, and sit the guitar on my right thigh. I find it's much more like the standing position than the classical position. I also don't recommend any position where the guitar body is away from your chest, as you won't be able to play in this position standing.
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I play a fender strat. What is the best way to get used to playing with it on my right leg, I just know that when holding it the way I do my wrist starts to hurt from bending it. I guess my form is just really messed up. Plus is it ok to have it lean back a bit so I can see the neck?
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I play a fender strat it. What is the best way to get used to playing with it on my right leg, I just know that when holding it the way I do my wrist starts to hurt from bending it. I guess my form is just really messed up. Plus is it ok to have it lean back a bit so I can see the neck?

I'm not exactly sure where I read this but you want to have an open cavity from your abdomen to the guitar: asides from seeing the neck better, you actually have less tension in your muscles, I believe. So it's okay to have it lean back a bit, but not too much.

And even though you like to play it on your right leg, I'd still recommend the classical sitting position just because the neck is a lot more accessible (you have to have the guitar tilted up, however, you can't have it jutting out to the side like you would on your right leg).
You can play the electric guitar while seated in seats that do not have arm rests. The curve on the lower part of the body should sit comfortably on your right thigh. The back of the guitar body should rest against the right side of your abdomen or chest (depending on how big a person you are). Try to have the guitar sit up so you can only just see over the top to the strings. Do not lie the guitar down on your lap so the fretboard is facing up. Although doing it that way would make it easy to see the fretboard, it makes playing awkward. You can check if you have the guitar sitting properly if you need to lean your head forward a little bit to see the fretboard completely. But don’t hunch over or else you will develop back problems.
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Maybe you want to stand up with your guitar. You will need a shoulder strap. Put the strap over your head and put your right arm through the strap. The weight of the instrument should be across the upper-right area of your back. I'd suggest setting the strap so the guitar hangs at the same height as it would when you are sitting down. The bridge should be at roughly waist height. It's easier to play the instrument at this position. For now, don't worry about what you see your favorite stars doing - later on you can adjust the instrument to your personal preferences. That is when you become a better player.

I hope you're with me... You are? Ok. Let's proceed with our lesson on how to play electric guitars - holding the electric guitar.
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Let's now talk about the fretting hand. It's the hand used to hold down the chords (or the notes if you prefer). It's the hand on the neck of your electric guitar. If you are a right hand player, it's your left hand. It's the opposite for a lefty. You should rest your thumb behind the neck of the guitar and curl your fingers at the knuckles over the strings.
I play with it on my right leg, unless I'm playing a V, though some people swear by playing with on their left leg. The idea behind that is to lessen the difference between playing sitting down and standing up, which makes perfect sense to me, though I could never get used to it.

One thing that helped me big time was getting a drummer's stool to sit on while practicing. I put my right foot on the foot rest and my left on the floor to tap. This caused my picking hand to lower a few inches (and my picking arm to be at less of an angle) compared to the chair I was sitting in before. It took about 3 days to get fully used to it, but after that, instant improvement in picking! It's amazing the difference it made. Mine cost about 50.00 from Guitar Center.
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Classic position is when you have it on your right leg, most electric guitarist have it on the right leg though. Do whatever feels comfortable.

I think you meant "Classic position is when you have it on your LEFT leg,"

Either way is good…just depends on what you want to play.
Going to the extreme try to fingerpick something on the right leg of try to play some power chords on the left. But yet, that's a thing of comfort.