Great voice, awesome range. You been singing for a long time?

Guitar playing is good, too.

As for the songs, the vocal melodies are nice, some parts need work, but w/e. The second one seemed short, well it was short. But maybe it was supposed to be that kind of song.

Check mine out if you want...
thank you.

well the short one was because my computer was running out of battery...
it is suppose to be longer though.
thank you though.

and i would check you out...but im in a boarding school and i dont have the access of adobe flash9 which is what you need...
so i cant

but thanks.
15 years later: i like the vocals. you sound very mature for your age. the guitar could use some work. the recording sounds kinda flat to me. work on eq and maybe a bit of reverb. good voice though.

hero: guitar is again kinda predictable. vocals are again very nice! good job. i think with some work you'll be really great. your sense of melody is really good, you just need some work on the instrumentation side of things.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1180165
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