Deathcore, sound nice man!
(Something between Carnifex & Annotations Of An Autopsy)
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info about everything soon

this a band you recorded? or this is just your stuff? anyway the mix is pretty sick and heavy. Although ive kinda stopped listening to all my death metal/tech metal bands (i occasionaly listen to necrophagist) i still enjoy them. This is top notch recording here and i tip my hat off to you (also jsyk this is dan aka yoyodan6.)

EDIT: this mix reminds a bit of brain drill (gotta love that nama haha)
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I love the bass tone. that 2 tracks thing that people on the sneap forum do is awesome. I wish I had a decent bass so I wouldnt have to use VSTs.

An expensive fender bass wouldn't sound good w/o VSTs

acmebargig's BIG 1.01 is excielnt for bass.