Ive been paroling CL, eBay, the local Pawns, and my Music shop for a while, looking to finally upgrade into Tube Land. I play a lot of covers. Stuff like Weezer, The Cranberries, a few Metallica Songs, some AC/DC. Im going to keep the Cab from my FM 100, as it is loaded with Emminence speakers, and I can upgrade later on for less than a new cab may cost me.

What I want. - A two channel amp w/ on board Distortion (Im not above running a Dist pedal, but will it be as good as on board dist in the long run?).

I have a small army of pedals, So I need something that does pedals well. (Im not into modeling tech. anymore). I'll buy used, I actually prefer it, in most cases.

What I'll spend - Between 600-800 bucks

What Im interested in -

-Two Channel Heads-
Marshall JCM 900 Head
Orange Dual Terror
Fender Bandmaster VM
Epiphone Blues Custom
Peavey Classic 30

-One Channel Heads -
Vintage Fender Bassman 50 Head (Id have to run a pedal though)
Egnator Rebel 20 Head
Vintage Fender Bandmaster
Marshall JCM 800

What would you buy if you were me? Im not all that confused, just looking for advice. I want a great clean channel, and OD that can get me to Metallica's Black Album. Thats the dream.
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If I were you I'd buy a Splawn Quickrod or maybe a JCM800
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if i were you i would spend all of your money.

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if i were you i would spend all of your money.


Helps a lot.
1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black Beauty)
1980 Marshall JMP 2204
try to find a used Randall RM50 head. as far as modules to get with it (unless it comes with them), listen to these clips to help you decide.


I would recommend the Blackface for cleans. I hear it is the best. I have one, but haven't been able to use it b/c the preamp tubes in it are bad, so i can't tell you if it is truly the best.

as far as hi gain modules, check the link. I would say something like the SL+, Ultra, Ultra XL, or Recto. If you don't like a module, you can always have someone on the MTS forum mod it for you. there are a few; Pete Turley (okstrat) and Anthony (Salvation) are the major ones.

RM50: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Randall-RM50HB-50Watt-Modular-Tube-Amp-Head?sku=481265

There are also some kirk hammett signature modules: the kh-1,2, and 3. I'm not sure how good they are, but i hear the KH-3 is pretty good. I think Anthony can mod it to switch b/t KH-2 and 3; he calls it KH-23. The KH-3 is based of of Kirk's more modern tones, like from the Black album. the KH-2 is based off of his older tones, like from MoP. The KH-1 is a clean module that has less gain to accommodate active pickups.

Good Luck.
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Get a used JCM800, it'll serve u well
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JCM 800 or used Splawn Quickrod/Competition/Nitro.

The last three will require some saving, but will be totally worth it in the end.

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