One quick question: BC Rich NT Warlock or Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR (both are lefties)??? Thing is I already have a Schecter Omen-6, which looks almost exactly the same as the C-1 except for the color... And it would be fun not to own guitars that are all of the same brand. I liked the BC Rich when I tried it and I haven't tried the C-1 but love how my actual schecter feels. Which one should I choose? Any other models in the same price range (let's say max. $1500) you would suggest?? I play mostly metal, but I like to play more mellow things from time to time, so the coil-tap knobs on the C-1 seem appealing too...
Check out some carvins, if 1500 is your max.

You will be more happy with one of those rather than a bc rich or schecter.
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Carvins look interesting, but the only problem is they don't build left-handed guitars with floyd roses. Only fixed bridge or Wilkinson...