I am writing a thrash metal piece and i need some editing help with it so far. It is in the key of D harmonic minor scale. Please Help Me.

P.S the file is compatible with guitar pro.
When you are finished just attach it as a reply.
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Are you asking us to finish your metal song?
To make a brütal arrangement?
open up the zipped file, let it download, double click it, when the window pops up choose to open it up with other, press ok, and double click your guitar pro shortcut window.
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It is in the key of D harmonic minor scale.

That's like saying "I live in the City of St. Louis Cardinals."
breaking hearts
breaking guitars
Well. Thrash... With a violin? I suspose I'll look at in, could be the next The Red in the Sky is Ours.
there is no such thing as "the key of D harmonic minor", your song is in D minor and it uses a natural 7th for various harmonic purposes.
WEll The Riffs itself sound nice but you shouldnt use th violin as your lead instrument.
The Sweeping doesn't really fit the song and sounds pretty awkward every now and then.
maybe .. use it as kind of supporting keys or orchestra stuff so your song gains more .. epicness. xD