I'm going to argee with the majority and say smoke.
Time keeps on slipping...

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AtomicPunk7 is uncreative.
Drinking gasoline and acid
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Why, my pasty danish cracker, I believe you've got it!
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Drinking gasoline and acid

match afterwards and you'll be good to go
well if you dont want smoke you could always just catch strep throat and then start screaming really loud to shred your throat and you should end up with a really raspy voice
Conan: "How did you get your signature voice?"
Will Arnett: "Well, I was blessed at a young age to learn how to smoke."
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I believe that Don't Stop Believing is overrated. There are far better Journey songs out there.
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You sigged me, AND had an idea the same as mine!
I like you.

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XD not bad

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You're my hero.

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I must say, i love it!