Right now I am playing on a VOX AD 30, it is a hybrid amp, and has a knob on the back that lets me choose the wattage, when dimed it has 30watts. When I have it up this high, I usually turn my master volume switch way down. But playin live that changes, and at a gig i will probably have to crank it up all the way. ShouldI compare my power to a tube or a solid state amp? Because I am trying to find out how many watts i should get in my amp. I know when tubes are played at low volumes it sacrifices tone. I want an amp that can crank up pretty loud (a little louder than the one i have now) but can keep its tone at low levels.....So I was all ready to get the Marshall DSL 50, when I realized that this may be too loud for me. Basically I just want someone to compare the wattage of tube amps to the loudness of my amp now so i know exactly how loud it is....................also found this somewhat helpfull but not sure if it is right http://www.amptone.com/g112.htm
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VOX Valvetronix AD30