Hey all I was wonder if anyone could give me some advise on the cheapest way to effectively record my guitar work. I have a very good computer (dual core, 4gigs of ram, vid card, etc), and I also have a Lexicon Alpha external audio interface. Unfortunately the only amp I have is a crappy crate amp I use to practice and 2 boss pedals (destortion and EQ). I've tried several different ways to get the amp to connect to the alpha but I guess Im doing it wrong. Do I need to get a mic and connect it to the interface? Do I need to buy some other gear? Any advise would be very helpful. Thanks a ton in advance!
Does your Crate amp have a line out? If so, you should be able to patch the line out from your amp to the instrument jack of your interface. If you're looking for higher quality, I would recommend picking up a good microphone and connecting that to the interface through its XLR input.
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"
Your best bet might even be to download a modelling program from the internet. Don't know of any (legal) free ones so you might need to buy one, such as Line6 GearBox or GuitarRig 2/3.
Both sound awesome through a good machine, and can be used as PlugIn's into recording programs...Meaning, if you record a good track but dont like your tone, you can change your tone in any way you like even after its Recorded!

PS - good mic for recording any guitars usually is either a Shure SM58 or SM57.
bypass crate altogether. record direct. pick up decent plugin pack (illegal is much cheaper). and RAM has less to do with a good recording than you think.