Recently picked up a tubescreamer and i havent really put it into practise yet because i want to make sure that i use it with my amp for maximum efficiency.
So i was wondering what setting would go with my amp to suit the type of tone that i want. I have a peavey 6505+, goin through a 1960a cab, through a boss EQ , into a Noise supressor then into my 7-string schecter hellraiser.

The setting that i usually have on my amp are high 5, mid 8, low, 6, resonance 6, presence 5 gain 7.I play mainly stuff which orientates around death metal with alot of influence from mixed genres. So im going for a tone which will give my guitar alot of clarity aswell as high crisp gain and a tight low end.

Ideas for settings on my amp, screamer and eq would be awesome! and what else i could do to improve my tone
It depends: for warmer tones, back off the highs, keep the mids centered, and the bass around 2 o'clock.
While, if it's growling aggressiveness you're after, lower the bass slightly and the middle more so, and crank the treble till about 3 o'clock.

You have a seven string, though, so I'd suggest keeping the gain low, the treble around 11 o'clock, the middle at 1 o'clock and the bass centered. t just adds tightness.

It's all kind of relative to the particular tubescreamer model you have, and how bassy, middlely, and treblely you find the Peavey?
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Settings are fine.. Just keep the gain off, tone knob at 12 maybe 1 oclock and level around 6 or so. It will tighten things up a bit and then to add in some girth start turning up the gain knob. But be warned you will need to lower your gain on the amp or it turns to mud.. Im currently running an OD setup infront of my 6505+ and play metal 99% of the time and my gain is on 2 lol