I have this Kaman GTX 22. Coolest paint job I've ever seen. Blood red under black crackle. The thing has the crappiest hardware though. I'm trying to change the bridge out for a floyd rose.

Anyone know what the post spacing for a floyd rose is?

Got any suggestions for the neck pickup?

I need a single coil sized humbucker that would be good for metal. I'd do a SD jazz, but I haven't seen one in single coil size. I have a L500XL in the bridge.

I really hate spending all this money on a so-so guitar... But it's just sooo damn good looking that I feel like it deserves it.
Hey...Finding a guitar that you like justifies spending money on it ;D

Idk if i would put a floyd on it? Does it already have a locking style trem?
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Post pics.
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It's got the cheapest aluminium trem plate, a tiny block, rusty roller saddles with fine tuners. It's called a KMD floating trem. It was Kaman's shot at an unlicensed floyd. Post spacing on it is 3 inches. (Center to center)
Guitar fetish sells some licensed FR's (most likely wilkinson) for $75 that I know would fit.
Anyone tried those? Worth the money?
Do what I do search out used parts and pick ups on Ebay and Craig's list. All Parts & Guitar Fetish sell very good inexpensive aftermarket parts as well as. I buy a lot of project guitars online and upgrade them with parts I also find online. You can make a great guitar from something that is not considered a top of the line guitar.

That's what I try to do. But it seems that this particular guitar is incompatible with alot of the aftermarket parts. I just check out kahler though. They have fixed bridge tremelo systems. Only the tremblock moves and the saddles are fixed. I'm pretty sure that would fit on my guitar. I might have to shim the neck though.
I have a DeArmond Bass project that isn't compatible with what is is out there for bridges. The rest of the parts are pretty much common though. I am not familiar with the Kaman line of guitars so I can't even suggest anything. Post updates if you can I always like to see what people come up with.