So I am supposed to go to a Thai restaurant tonight with people, and I have never eaten thai food, I am not afraid of trying new things but I don't want to make funny faces if I don't like it

Any suggestions on what to order, I have been living off of burgers, pizza and ramen noodles most summer, so I have no idea.

search bar revealed nothing,YES I am a new poster (long time reader), and although I enjoy being myself, I don't mind being more upscale at times,

Thanks for any info

menu(pdf): http://www.starofsiamchicago.com/pdf/starmenu.pdf
cashew chicken is always a safe bet. Also be prepared for spicy, really odd spicy. Oh on that menu, maybe the ginger chicken.
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watch out for the veggie/egg rolls. i ordered that at a thai restaurant and found out they give you all the pieces seperately and you gotta basically make it yourself. i spent most of the night making my own ****in food. iunno how many restaurants will have that, but just keep an eye out for it.
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I'd go for Kow Pad (it's basically fried rice that you can get from any chinese take-out restaurant) or Pad Thai (which is just yummy noodles and stuff) if you want something simple and not too crazy.

Have fun with your friends.
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Bring an asianface mask and put it on so people can't see the funny faces you make.
Thank you all, its a dinner with mentors and some peers,

I think ill go with Aaron0612's suggestion, Kow Pad, I've tried that chinese fried rice, so hope everything goes well,

THANKS, what a bunch of good looking and helpful people,

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Ha, I hope its not that bad,
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Thai food is good if you like violent diahrrea.

Weaksauce. You have the stomach of a six month old.

Satay is good. It's marinated meat on skewers with peanut sauce, which is a little sweet. Good as an appatizer.

If you don't like spicy, make sure you let your wait person know. If you do, thell them to pile it on.

Tom Kha Gai for soups. Creamy coconut milk based soup. Not too spicy and very good.

And pretty much anything of the entree section. Curries are good, but usually spicy. Pad Thai, Lard Nar, Pad Woon Sen, etc...

I prefer Pho and Garden rolls though. Go Vietnamese.
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