i mean they are both british type amps, so whats the difference between vox ac30h2 and marshall jcm2000 dsl ??
That Marshall is much higher gain than the Vox. Voxes (sp?) also have a much more prominent high end, as a rule.
i think a better match would be the jcm 800 vs the ac30tb
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Typically, gain is the biggest difference between the two. The onboard gain on the Marshall will be much more abundant than the AC30. Also the Marshall will have a thicker and crunchier sound. It will be darker and crunchier than the Vox. The Vox will have a toppier and more jangly sound.
Vox is jangley and has tons of top end

marshall has much more gain normally and is way darker
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Well first when people say Marshall they mean the classic Plexi and JCM800 tone, the JCM2000 is very modern and tight.

However the classic Marshall tone is very mid heavy, has quite some low end and punchy treble mids. Vox on the other hand lacks a lot more of the lows but instead has a very jangly, bell like treble. Compare the overdrive tones of early Eric Clapton vs. Brian May.
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