I am going to swap the speaker in my Crate V18 which died recently so I can use it as a cab for the HT-5 head I plan to get soon. I want to swap it out for a Eminence Wizard. My problem is that I am unsure of how to install the new speaker.

The current speaker is connected by a cable that is clipped on, not soldered. Can I reuse this cable, simply clipping it onto the new speaker or do I need a new cable soldered on? Is there anything else I should know before popping the new speaker in?
depends what kind of ports it has for positive and negative, on the speaker it could have ones were you can stick bare wire through it or it has little posts where you are supposed to slide a connector on the ports, either way it will cost nothing or about 30cents at your local hardware store, *unless you dont have a crimping tool

1. *push down posts* strip the wire push the post down stick wire in
2. *connector post* strip wire crimp connectors on wire stick on post
OK, thats way simpler than I thought. From the looks of it the speaker should have a connector post so i can reuse my other cable.