So I went to Best Buy and picked up a Danelectro Fish & Chips to increase the EQ versatility on my Tiny Terror.

OMG! Scooped to play teh br00talz?!?!

Also, I got in some new products from Brit Picks. Their new silicone enhanced picks on the bottom row, and the "crystal" see-through picks on top.

Side note #1: I downloaded some apps so that I can record "midi" drums in GarageBand with my RockBand drums. Pretty cool stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNz7EyJ0kr4

Side note #2: I picked up a Swatch in Switzerland on my recent trip to Europe.
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Nice stuff. Happy New Watch Day!
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How is the Fish n' Chips? It's only $30, so that makes me a litttle sceptikal.


It's decent. I'm sure the MXR 6-band/10-band EQ's are better, but I guess you get what you pay for. It gets a little noisy with the treble frequencies cranked way up, but i'm mainly using it as a solo boost to cut through the mix better, and to have more EQ control with the TT. It's cheap, and it works. That's my two cents.
HNPD! I really wanna try one of those Dano EQ's I just don't ever see them in stores around here.
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Congrats on the NSD, but an EQ does not increase an amplifier's versatility.


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Congrats on the NSD, but an EQ does not increase an amplifier's versatility.

Would tweakability be a better way to put it? The single knob EQ versus a 7 band?