So yeah im bored so i decided to make a waffle thread
basically you just say what ever about them
how you like them ect.

(probably its gonna closed)
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That made me laugh and then choke on my own phlegm.

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^ +1
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I always try to fill each individual hole with syrup before eating it

Me too.
I like potato waffles.
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THANK you. I love you forever.

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I like to fill in the individual holes with syrup to make a face or something like that
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I always try to fill each individual hole with syrup before eating it

this...I also enabled Maynard James Keenan to buy waffles by purchasing 10,000 days.
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I like to smash them into peoples faces.

I also +1 to the filling each hole with syrup.
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I love waffles. We recently got a new waffle maker. This new one makes square waffles, while the old one made giant circle waffles. It's a nice change of waffle shape.
I used to compete with my friends about who could eat the most waffles in the least time

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Bravo good sir
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I like potato waffles.

Birdseye Potato Waffles;
They're waffle-y versatile!
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Birdseye Potato Waffles;
They're waffle-y versatile!

I don't know why but I found that quite amusing.

Also I think Belgian Waffles are the best kind, with whipped cream and berries of course.
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i think syrup on waffles is kinda gross. syrup is good on french toast and pancakes, but not so much on waffles. i prefer some kind of fruit on mine.

they make good ice cream sandwiches too. put two waffles in the fridge for a bit so they harden up, then put some ice cream inbetween.
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Chocolate blueberry waffles. Oh lawd.

I dislike the sad excuse for waffles that are 'eggos' though. Bleh
Syrup and whipped cream on 'em.
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