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I know ol' Alex writes most of their stuff, but am I the only one that can't hear any or at least the bass adding the oomph to the guitars? He writes most of their songs, how come he doesn't make himself audible? It was drop G for this album methinks? Isn't that effectively taking away the point of a bassist anyways? I know he is brilliant, and love his stuff, but seriously, I can't hear him and its getting on my tits.

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Listen to the older stuff, bass is much more audible, and the songs are much better too.
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Yeah I know, but it still doesn't mean I should disregard their new album. Its got good songs, but I hear much bass.. Watching the videos in the making of, I see Alex puts a lot of effort into it, but to not be audible...
Maybe go see them live? I'm doing that on the 14th, bass is sooo much better live anyway.

He seemed to make a bit of emphasis on the click/attack you get from playing fingerstyle and i can hear that.
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Yea. Alex was substatially more audible in Chris barnes era, but I can't say that He is in audible. I think he's less noticible because of the guitar tone on this album being more low/mid orientated than ever before. But "Evisceration plague" (The song) is soo kickass. I made a cover of it on youtube. And Lollage123 - All of Cannibal Corpse's songs are Either in 1/2 step down (D# or A#, depending on the album) or 1 1/2 step down (C# or G#) (Death walking terror and evisceration plague are G# for sure)