hey i have a Epiphone 2003 Goth explorer for sale
*H-H configuration
*satin finish
*liscensed floyd rose
*Metallica scary guy Spray Graphic (removable at buyers descretion)
*Bare knuckle scatterwound miracle man in bridge
*epiphone "hot" Pickup in Neck
*well serviced, wiring all good, clean
*few dings and chips from a lot of use

Brief history-
picked up this guitar a few years ago for £400 with stock pickups, been rocking hard with her ever since, great for metallica , heck its great for anything! blues, country, Shred, Pop, whatever floats your boat,

only modifications

- Bare knuckle Miracle man in the Bridge ( shop fitted)
-Tissue placed behind floyd springs for reducing spring "twangs"
-Neck Pickup reversed ( easy fix back, ill do that if you want)

Note- PM for pictures, Guitar comes AS IS,
-missing back plate
-large chip on corner of wing ( currently hidden with black paint) (dont worry, the paint will come off)

Asking price £360 ONO,
dont forget extra pup added, in total this baby cost me £490

pm for pictures and buying enquieries,
paypall and cheques accepted, guitar dispatched after payment has cleared.

Make an offer, you may get a better deal!
Can i see pictures?
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Wow.. An explorer with floyd rose.. you don't see that very often
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Woah, that's real nice. Shame my parents would go crazy if I traded my Parker, although, i do love my Parker.
http://profile.imageshack.us/user/krobl/ - Here are some pictures of the guitar
The colour is known as 'Dragon Blood' but it's basically a mix of light and dark reds
I've only had it for about 7 months i think and there is a tiny chip on the bottom left corner, quite hard to see but that it the only damage apart from small scrathes on the back from playing it.
The amp i approximately got 5 months ago.