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do you have any finished pictures of it?

i really like this guitar
the minimalist σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ
WHOOPS! Kind of very much forgot about this thread.

Here are some quick pictures I took today, just to show the few who asked what it looked like all strung up.

Pretty much play this guitar every day. I'd almost go as far to say its my favourite. Almost. I definitely learnt ALOT from doing this.

There's another one or two in the pipeline at the moment. Which I will actually spend monies on. And finish properly. I'm hopeful that they'll look swell as hell.
this is not helping my gas for a pretty semi-hollow -_-


Did you never hook up the peizo?


Quote by MonkeyLink07
Did you never hook up the peizo?

I was just going to ask if it had a pickup. Very cool in a funky sort of way. Nylon strings? Got a full length shot so we can see the headstock too? I wanna hear it!
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