hello everybody, does anybody here has the photo of dave mustaine laughing at kirk hammett because of his solos? the one with like 4 captions.

help will be appreciated
I think it was in the You Laugh You Lose V7 thread... somewhere.
There was a thread about this topic recently...
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I you for posting this.

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^ I was there
I've learned to save that in my /b/ folder. xD
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nice discovery, sir.

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Edit: Then take pictures and send me them.

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While we're looking for images, can anyone give me that series of pictures of a crowd from some russian news channel, where there's this one guy with bulging eyes staring at the man next to him.

The following images show a closeup of the dude's face, and the last picture shows the entire crowd with his face shooped onto each person.

Can anyone tell me what to search?
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Boom, there ya go.

i love how kirk is like
in the 4th pic