I don't know much about active pickups, but I sure do love how this bass looks http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dean-Metalman-2A-V-Bass-with-Active-Electronics?sku=514307
Is it possible to change the active pickups and replace them with a PJ set up?

In other words, can the bass be customized over time to make it better?

If not, then is there another v-shaped bass at around that price?
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I don't know about the wiring aspect, but you'd have to rout (?) new holes and fill the old ones in. Just from looking at it, I'm going to go ahead and say that it will have some brutal neck dive. They're hard to sit down with too. Being able to play the instrument is better than looking br00tal, in my opinion. If you want it that bad, whatever, but my advice is to not bother
It's not about looking br00tal It's just that I've always loved V-shaped guitars ever since I was a kid for some reason. I also have a backup bass for when I want to sit down and play.
new pickups don't a good bass make
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Could you? Yes.
IS it worth it? Probably not.

If your really set on getting a V-shaped bass, you might want to head over warmoth.com, you could prolly assemble your own, better bass for maybe only like a 100-150 bucks more than buying the Dean and modding it.
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