Sorry if I'm about to be vague but anyway..

Went to the local cash converters shop to look around and saw a few guitars. One of them was definitely a Epiphone Les Paul

It had silver humbuckers and bridge, a sunbursty kind of colour, there was a black plate under the strings and the pickup toggle was in a black circle. It also had rosewood fretboard.

I've looked on the Epiphone website and can't find it although the Epiphone Les Custom plus looks pretty similar but it definitely did not have the gold hardware.

It was only £160 too.

Anybody know roughly what it is?

prob epi special II

Edit: although they dont have nickel pickup covers, go take a picture.
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It was probably "pre-owned"...
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It was probably "pre-owned"...

there is no way you could be implying that any such previous owner would have attempted to customize their own guitar, could you?

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Maybe he mean's it's so cheap because it's pre-owned? Maybe something bad happened to it? Buyer beware!
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