Hey everyone, I've been working on trying to get my singing a lot better lately so that's the main focus here. If you could just let me know how I'm doing I'd really appreciate it. The song is in my profile...
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Hey man. Great cover. The singing does sound a bit flat and weak at points (very subtle). Great cover though.
this is really good while the singing may be off at times it is really good, and it is a cover so really all around just great, the recording sounded like really good quality as well
hey man that sounded pretty sweet. the singing will get better with time, just keep practicing. At least you have a pretty good voice! I've never heard this song but I enjoyed it! Keep up the great work.

Great recording quality.
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The acoustic sounds really nicely recorded. Really clear and great recording quality. The playing was spot on.

You have a really nice singing voice also. Really suits this kinda of music. Maybe a flat in places but overall nothing too out of key or anything. Really good job on it.

Good stuff.
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