you're one hell of a rhythm player. this is one of my favourite metallica songs. i only noticed some slight timing issues with the solo, but it wasnt anything to cry about
Absolutely solid playing, you kept the rhythm the whole time, and the solo was spot on. Awesome job

I'm afraid you'll be getting more comments about your looks than your playing though, but thats what happens when you post on UG.
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congrats, that's the most awesome thing I've seen today. I always consider this song on the impossible end of Metallica songs, and you aced it. Great job. C4C?
Sweet ass job with this one!! def one of the best Blackened covers I have seen around. keep up the good work. And the timing issues were only minor so I think you've done this song some great justice.
Holly Mothafukin Sh*t.... that was Awesome! I'm waiting for The Shortest Straw .
totally insane - this song be fast and very bloody fidgity one!

James hetfield and his damn riffs turn guitar playing from being music into a sport!

But, the guys awesome - so fair enough.

So far spent the past 2 months getting this song right. I can get it right now 30% of the time - unless in the morning with a coffee and a 'J' i can get it right 80% of time.

But being able to complete the whole thing in one go with no real mistakes (excluding solo) is getting achievable nearly but my right arm gets MEGA lactic acid build up and then pretty much stops responding.

So, going to the gymn and doing good excersie is helping to get further and further. But there is also technique which slipstreaming the technique and being more efficient helps as much as power. But both are needed to complete the song.
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Wow, really well done, you've certainly improved since the last time I saw you on youtube! There's a few minor things but I can't really fault it. Well done =)

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AWESOME. Great cover to a great song.
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