I have tried searching for this but i presume it may be different to in America so all the threads i have found are slightly irrelevant. I also tried searching on google but when i type in "how do i become a guitar teacher" or something similar it just assumes i'm looking for a guitar teacher so no help there.

Can anyone help me at all? I would appreciate even the smallest bit of information, thank you

edit: should probably have included a bit of information about me. I'm 22, have been playing guitar for 8 years and am a good solid guitarist (so i am told, i don't want to come across as big headed because i have no intention of that). I have experience of playing in bands and am really into learning music theory.
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you can reasonably expect to charge more money if you have lots of bits of shiny paper to throw at confused parents (grade 8's in your instrument. 2nd instrument and theory go down well). you can also do teaching qualifications such as teaching diploma's such as this http://www.abrsm.org/?page=exams/diplomas/dips2005Teaching.html .

While all these bit of paper are fantastic and likely to pull in some pupils/attract higher salary rates, nothing beats a good ol' bit of experience. You technically need NO qualifications at all when you start teaching, you just need the trust of the pupil that you are capable of teaching them. From that point of view start teaching straight off, if you haven't taught before don't advertise advanced lessons, say you will teach beginners/intermediates. Start with low prices and build it up as you get more confident and better at teaching.

Why not ask your guitar teacher how he started out, and what he thinks you should do. You're unlikely to be stealing his trade when you first start out so he'll be happy to tell you (in lesson time when you're paying him at least :P

Final note - there are various police checks etc. you need before you can teach children. Phone your city council for more info about that.
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
I don't think there's any formal process. Just start putting ads up around your town, and see if you can find any free classifieds online or something. Also you should start developing some basic beginner lesson plans and maybe some materials like chord and scale charts you can give to your students.

Once you get your first, make sure you give it your all because word of mouth is going to be the best way to get more students! Good luck man.
there is no formal process for private tuition ive been teaching for some time. you should get a crb check for your benefit. advanced playing can almost be more of a hinderance and the majority of pupils you will get will just 'want to learn a few tunes' so dont try shoving to much technical stuff at them or you will soon find yourself skint.

local advertising is the best way of getting pupils. a lot of pupils feel embarrassed about going to their friends teacher ive found.
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Hi Rich!

There might be something you find useful in here?
It's an article we got on UG about starting up a guitar teaching business/first things that you might like to teach etc?


In britain to teach in schools etc you will need public liability insurance. the best/simplest way to get this is to join the musicians union and it comes free with membership

good luck with the teaching!