I have been playing acoustic guitar for about 4 or 5 years. I went through stages of extreme dedication and extreme lack of commitment to it.

About a year ago I picked up a Mexican Strat and a decent Ibanez amp.

I have completely ignored it and really just prefer playing acoustic.

Lately i have been picking up my strat and learning the occasional song be it smashing pumpkins or silversun pickups, nothing too hard.
But i think i really need to get into my theory to truely enjoy playing my electric.

So basically what i am asking is some good theory too dig in too.

where to start where to go,

i know very little just the basics about finding notes and forming chords up and down the fretboard.

where to start?
also what techniques are important to start practicing?

I have been cruising around justinguitar.com but i thought i would post in the forums here as well to get some other advice as well as help me become a little more involved in the forums that arent the pit ha ah

p.s if this is the wrong forum let me know and ill move it

thanks all!

Edit: good scales to learn and good begginer solo's would also be helpful
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In terms of scales, learn the major scale inside out, so you can construct it in any key in terms of notes and intervals.

Its worth learning how to play your pentatonic scales at the same time too.

Once you understand the major scale learn how the minor scale is related to it (and derived from it), and learn how the pentatonic scales are related to (and derived from) the major and minor scales.

Solo-wise Shook Me All Night (ACDC), Nothing Else Matters (Metallica) and Stairway are all good - and probably in that order too. They are all based on the minor pentatonic. Break them down into phrases and slow them right down to learn them - don't worry about getting them up to speed so much as getting the rhythm and phrasing right, and getting them clean.

Edit: check out the music theory FAQ sticky in MT, and Freepower's theory vids (on his profile)
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It's not a whole didfferent insturment just play as normal you would on acoustic.
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