Very catchy, with some well thought-out lyrics. Your vocals are great, and it's harmonized in all the right places. I've listened to quite a few acoustic/vocal songs today, and your guitar playing doesn't stand out that much, but the tone of your guitar is very nice.
this is pretty cool. the guitar is fairly chill, although i got a bit tired of it. the tone is nice. i thought the lyrics were good, but i wasn't crazy about the vocals. they seemed a bit bored and unemotional. i thought more instrumentation would really make the song.
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Thanks for the crit.

hopefully im getting used to critting acoustic/vocal songs now seeing as I've been presented with a few over the past few days :P

It's a very nice chilled out song, the usual stuff that graces my ears on a nice warm summer day with a few beers and friends. Guitar tone was great but a bit more clarity would be awesome. Lyrics are great and your voice is brilliant.

Great stuff
I loved your voice, great chill song, awesome lyrics, and I loved the harmonized parts.
The guitar parts may be simple and repetitive but they fit the song perfectly.

9.5/10, great job, -.5 because you could have added some other instrument or a backing track, but it still sounds good.
i liked the guitar playing and the vocals were good, but i feel that the doubling of the vocals aren't necessary. that's just my opinion and it's down to w/e you like.
hey man, your voice is pretty good! Good harmonys at some points. What did you use to record?

The guitar sounds nice. Generally a nice wee acoustic song. Tho I think it would sound banging with a full band with you. And maybe some instrumentation as someone else said.

But well done anyway. Not really my kind of thing but its nice to listen to.