How Do I Live?
Waking up to face another day
I'll learn to cheat life another way
Trapped behind these eyes are things you can't comprehend
Feelings of depression, death slipping in.
This world, much like my life, is beyond repair.
It's like a car wreck - come stop and stare.
On the outside, I appear to be in control.
On the inside, I ask myself.

Chorus: How can I breathe?
How do I live?
How do I just forget and forgive?
Learning to deal with my pain
just might drive me insane
Help me find a way to live...

'Stop complaining and shut the **** up'
If only it were that easy.
I wish I could stop my suffering
but it seems there is no cure.
Everyone talks about "desire"; I've lost mine long ago.
I've been numbed to reality - my feelings I cannot show.
Try imagining this:
No hope, no will.
Your life is controlled by a pill.
Self medication is the only way out.

No false truths will be accepted
Human nature is deceptive.
No hidden messages behind these words
Life without pain is so absurd.
I want you to feel the confusion I feel
Life is not real, I cannot conceal.
I have now wept, take me to death
No more wondering 'Why?'
I envy the man that does not understand
All of the things that I've had to withstand.

It seems like all I do is try
For my efforts, I'm pushed to the ground.
It's just a matteer of when I'll collapse.
I never thought it would come to this...but it has;
And I'm mad that whenever I try - just give up and die
Question my potential, hate not differential.
Maybe one day it'll go away, a life without sorrow.
Or things will just fail and I'll be deterred - no tomorrow.