So I recorded my cover of fade to black. But I noticed that each instrument fades towards the end of it's track. I used audacity, and faded the very end (solo) but I didn't fade out the other tracks, only the four that are in the solo(harmonized thingy, and chords, and the solo). SO I would appreciate it if you guys and girls would listen to it and ignore the random fading, and comment and or rate it. And give me some help on how to fix the ironic fading in my cover. Go to my profile
First of all, the tempo sounds a little slow at the beginning, and the lead guitar is very soft when compared to the acoustic. Towards the begining, the lead guitar is a little slow timing wise, but you eventually nail it. And during the end solo, at the very beginning of the solo, you bend too far, but other than that, you play the song pretty well. You might need to practice the fast parts a little more though.