This song is about dying from fire while being high. It's going to be a really thrashy song.

Ablazed While Blazed:
Locked in a room, no windows, no light
Blunt in my mouth, get high tonight
Unaware to me, death lurks near the green
Helpless I scream, drenched in kerosene.

This is my fate, I cannot escape.
Unrelenting smoke and fire; eternal rape.
Condemned to hell, I smoke in a rage

Writhing in pain while my high is at it's peak
Human ball of fire; escape I must seek
The door is locked and I am confined
Accepting my fate - now is the time
The flames grow stronger as I thrash around
My flesh is melting straight to the ground.
The blunt nearly gone, my life flashes back
Burning away while fighting panic attacks.

Canvas of smoke, fire gnawing at my skin
One last hit will do me in.
Face half melted, I fall to the floor.
Blazed as ****, and the blunt is no more.
This is brilliant man
Really Agressive but a little trippy as well
Its kinda relentless as well, fast-paced to read which is cool....feels like you've had a real smack in the face when you've finished
decent rhyme scheme n all
nice one!

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