I was thinking about buying a Vox AC15. I play mainly classic rock, such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, AC/DC, etc. I know it gets a good Queen sound. But I was wondering, can it get a good, distorted, Zeppelin-style sound (without pedals)? Now, I haven't tried one out yet, as my local music store doesn't sell them. But when I visit my relatives I will get to.

So, can a Vox AC15 get a good Zeppelin style sound without pedals?
I'll pretend I can mod your amp but break it instead.
My AC15 Does have enough gain for Zeppelin (rhythym Guitar) But when playing lead you might want a pedal.
You may want to boost it. And hey, Zappalin (lol?) is a very broad term. If your talking a tone like on Black Dog, you may need a boost. Hit up the store and try various overdrives with the tube amp you are going to buy. This is what I will do when I get either a Vox AC15 or a Crate V-series
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lol, Jimmy used Voxs, Oranges, Marshalls, and countless others with Zeppelin. I find that there sound (and consequently Page's tone) evolved and changed throughout their entire career. The AC15 would probably do early Zeppelin quite nicely, though.

EDIT: Brian May used AC30s, right? I think he combined them with a boost as well for that creamy sustain filled lead tone.
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Speaking of Zappalin, Frank Zappa's version of Stairway to Heaven is absolutely hilarious, if not only because it pisses off hardcore zepp fans.
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