So me and my friend were looking at Cannibal Corpse song titles when we were high, and we think it's so funny when it's just one worded titles that are brutal (Example: "Mangled", "Disfigured", etc.) So we were like, "We need to make a brootal song like that." And 'Useless' was the word we agreed on. Now that you know the back story, enjoy:

Born into this world without a purpose
Everyone hates you - you're ****ing worthless!
I'd rather have cancer than see your face;
Your "logic" is ****ed and flawed.
What a disgrace, a distaste, a waste of life.
So I've decided tonight, you will die.

(Chorus 1)
After I'm through with you.
You won't have a ****ing clue.
A blood stained memory.
That's all you'll ever be- useless!

Hatchet to the head has left you dead
The fact that you've lived this long is what I dread
Bury your body below the earth's surface
Treat you as you are- WORTHLESS.
Pleasure in your demise, down into the earth.
I recall your cries; and with this, I'll make you disappear...
With lies.

(Chorus 2)
Buried underground.
Not a ****ing sound.
No use to pretend.
I am your end.

Years have passed and still no one cares of your whereabouts.
I no longer have the urge to kill.
You have been wiped off the earth and in your place
Denial of life is fulfilled.
To this day, you're on display
Organs laid out in array.
I couldn't stand you anymore - your existence was a sore.
You and your kind are...

(Chorus 3)
Can't stand the thought of you, can't stand the sight of you.
There is no better word, killing you was not absurd.
You were just a mockery, too bad that you're too dumb to see.
Blank stare of death, you've drawn your last breath.

Make no mistake...
sounds like a slipknot song.
EDIT: now that I think of it, the 2 songs that come to mind are "I am Hated" and "Nameless", not so much the message, but the format of the verses/choruses.
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Meh. There are parts of it where I thought that you could change a few of the lyrics where they didnt sound badass as possible, but other than that it was brootal!!!