I think I was listening to a lot of Slayer at the time of this.

"Indulge In Lies"
I'm glad I have your attention
because there's a few things I'd like to mention.
About religion today and how it's **** in every way.
Now you might assume I'm a Satanist, but once again-
You're wrong; you seem to have a thing for this.
The truth will be open wide.
Your false god will not be at your side.
Synthetic deity, infesting you and me.
But I've learned the truth for myself.

(**** RELIGION!)
Every single way, every single day.
(**** RELIGION!)
The hypocrisy is killing me and you're too ****ing blind to see.
(**** RELIGION!)
I'll deny, to the end; I refuse to pretend
(**** RELIGION!)
Get out of my sight.

If it's really "In God We Trust",
Why's he ****ing killing us?
You say it's for the greater good,
But I'm not to be misunderstood.
If you think your god's so friendly,
Then I'll consider you the enemy!

We need not an invisible man to rule this world
We control our fates; truth is fiction.
It's easy to see why you depend on this man-
The world's going to ****; it's out of your hands.
Too weak to fight back or take a chance
Tranform into religious lies; same song and dance.
So if by now you're on my side,
There's a few burning questions I cannot hide:
"Who created life? What's the master plan?"
I won't pretend to know these things, lie, or decieve
After all, I'm only a man.
But I know for sure - religion is a *****
Starting world conflict, maximizing war.
Let's just start all over again, because there's no way in hell your soul will win
Eternal salvation just through your trust.
Worshipping god is a sick display of lust.

So join me if I've made it clear, because I refuse to bow to man;
live in constant fear.
Use your mind to think, and if you don't believe me-
You're better off dead.
A pure, uncontrolled mind is easy to achieve.
And if you follow these words, you're sure to believe-
Religion is mind control, poison to my ****ing soul
Abstain from the world of lies, look at life through my eyes.
This whole world seems to be flawed...
If it wasn't for the lyrical content, I'd swear this was an Eminem song .

It was the only task I would undertake...

...to reap the harvest that was mine

- [ P R O G - H E A D ? ] -
Because yelling "F*** RELIGION" is the way to get your point across. Not.
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