I've been playing guitar for about 3 years now, started on bass a couple years before that and I'll I've got is a 12W Ibanez bass amp to play them through.

I think I'm ready for an actual guitar amplifier now. I've been scouring the internet for amps to keep my eye on before heading to the store to check things out (Guitar Center is 2 hours away)

I've been looking to upgrade my guitar as well, so I've been trying to follow the "rules" and theories of what to do and what not to do when it comes to pick ups and solid state amps and pedals.

I play really in a heavy tuning (C standard) but my style isn't quite metal metal metal all the time. (Fair to Midland, Coheed, Chevelle, KSE) I know I want to keep adding to my pedals and effectively keep tighter control on the effects I'm using and when and in what order. So I take it I'm looking for something with a great clean channel to run things through and capable handling a lot of distortion and putting out some heavy lows and squealing highs.

I don't gig, have never jammed with anyone, so I won't really have a need for anything too loud. And I'm probably going to stick with a solid state amp for a cycle until a few years down the line where I'll get a decent Tube amp- half stack or whatever.

So, any suggestions advice and tips are greatly appreciated.
Hey man, shoot me a PM with any and all info such as price limit. I wouldn't settle for anything quiet if you think down the line you'll play with people. Reason being you'll have to invest more money on a louder amp.