I live in Sweden and I'm looking at a new guitar, an Epiphone SG model.
The thing is, I don't want to buy it in Sweden since it costs way more than it does in USA. Probably because there's 25% tax on everything.

Since I'm going to USA in January, I thought I'd buy one and bring it home.
So no taxes no nothing at 2/3 the price, very nice.
On to the actual question then, do you think the guitar will still be availible when I go there, January 1st-21st? Which is like, what, four and a half months or something.

The guitar:

Also, a G400 (regular one, not the 1966 Limited Ed. @guitarcenter) costs 470$ in Sweden while it costs 350$ in USA, for comparison.

Thanks guys!
Not sure what G-400 models are which exactly, but I live in Canada and I have a regular G-400 as far as I know and you can get them REALLY easily. Probably at most decent guitar stores. I got mine in December 2007 and it was $310CDN, which is like $280US
Good luck.
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pretty much any guitar center should stock the g-400. It is a very popular model.
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