I've been writing this song with a friend of mine and today we recorded some vocals and I'm looking for some feedback on what you think of the song so far, which version do people prefer (mix wise):


We did the vocals for the first verse and intro, the chorus will have clean vocals when we can find someone who can sing!

I'l happily crit back.


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hey, cheers for the crit mate.

Although the differences are microscopic - i think that the "tape" version is the best one because the guitars seem a bit clearer to me.

As for the song itself its very well put together with the transitions between riffs quite seamless. Very solid stuff. As for vocals, I actually think they quite suited. Reminded me for the vocalist for Still Remains. Would be good if you got yourself a good singer for the chorus.

What you've got to watch out for is that the song doesn't become too generic. I'm assuming theres quite a few metalcore influences which is featured quite heavily these days, so as for the rest of the song just throw in a curveball or two, chuck in some exotic scales or anything just so make it stand out from other stuff. Well, its not really critisism but hopefully I've given you guys something to think about

Great stuff so far though
first of all, great writing and guitars. the tube one sounded better. the screaming i was not crazy about. it sounded too constricted. but then again, I'm not a huge fan of this style of music. i love the riffs and drums. just not the vocal style. it sounds like some bass would really be welcome in here. anyways, good stuff, i was impressed.

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