So I am in the midst of selling two guitars I bought on a whim which i both dont like. I have been going from guitar to guitar for the next guitar i would like to buy. The three local stores here in Cardiff (Gamlins, Cranes, and GM Music) all stock **** guitars at ridiculous prices so I have been looking online mainly.

Wanted something that looks, feels, and sounds mean, good for metal. Been all over the Epi Goth range and the only one that has grabbed me is the Goth Explorer. I used to have one but sold it when i got skint but it served me well.

ANother Guitar that grabbed my attention when scouring through Thomann.de was the Cort EVL Z4. I chose this over the Epi Goth LP as the LP looks real out of place, like a priest in an orgy. also i like the contouring of the body and the headstock is way cooler than the epi lp headstock.

One thing I might mention is that which ever guitar I end up getting, it will have an EMG ZW set installed seeing as Thomann do them for £118 a set!

Here's the two guitars:



The link of the explorer is so that you can see what it looks like with the EMGs already installed.

I have heard a lot of good things about the Z4, and the fact it comes with EMG HZ is cool as when I replace them I can sell the HZ's on eBay to get some dough back for the ZW set.

Any suggestions on which guitar would be a better buy? Cheers, M.
definetly cort. The epiphone brand is just a title, but cort makes most of the epiphone models, cort gets no credit. if epiphone is making a 500$ guitar, they pay roughly 300 for the actuall guitar 100 for ads and 100 for labor. if cort makes a 500 guitar 400$ goes do the actuall guitar, and 100 for leighbor. so your really getting a better guitar if you go cort