hey im gonna try to keep this short... was playing my 5150 combo and wanted to turn it to a gigging level (3.5ish) so i decided to face my amp away from me so iw as looking at the back of it so that it wasn't blaring in my face directly... well i noticed i had to turn up my NS-2 quite a bit more because i was getting a more feedback than usual.

a few hours later i decided to play my amp again thinking that im gonna need new tubes (not sure if power or pre?) due to the increased feedback and me having to turn my ns-2 up 75% on on my godin freeway and 90% on my gibson menace; however, this time i decided to turn the amp sideways so i wasn't facing the back but instead the side... everything seemed fine then... although i was playing at a slightly lower volume as well (3ish)...

can anyone identify the possible problem? power or preamp tube problem or perhaps there is more feedback when you're playing behind the amp somehow? thoughts?

[fyi it was made in 2004 and i bought it used... but supposedly it was sitting in the music store i purchased it from for quite a long time (year or two) and was hardly used. i was told the poweramp tubes were pretty much brand new but the preamp tubes were 'older' so i assume that they are teh stock preamp tubes... but he said the preamps were still in good shape and were fine.]
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is the 5150 open or closed back? If it's a open back, the speaker works in two ways remember, it's just slightly less effective backwards. If you put your amp on it's front on the floor you'll still be able to hear stuff from the back of the speaker.
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meh. no idea
If video games make you violent, does monopoly make you a millionaire?
its probably a microphonic power tube. happened to me. see if you can find a good 6l6 and try it in each position
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