Is it physically possible, or am I putting my fingers out of socket trying?

I hold my pick just like every instruction video says. I can alternate pick fine when letting ring.

When muting, my pick is naturally at a 40 degree angle to the strings, and I can downstroke fine. But in order to even attempt an upstroke, I have to move the muscles in my thumb to force my index finger down so the pick is even with the strings, putting serious pressure on my finger and tensing up my hand. Then the pick is still not angled enough and the pick just catches on the strings sounding like ass. If my hand is comfortable, it just plain isn't muting the strings, and is nowhere close.

Right now it seems the only way to upstroke and palm mute is to hold the pick at a completely weird angle making it impossible to downstroke, or putting all the movement in my fingers, and not letting my wrist move much to strum.

Is that how it is for everybody? I mean, it really sounds terrible no matter what way I try to palm mute....
uhmmm....not really sure what ur doing there without a vid cause i can upstroke while muting just fine?
Sounds to me it's mostly an arm/wrist placement issue. Try raising your elbow a bit more and taking a less drastic approach on the strings.
Well to do this first, don't hold the pick very stiff, the firmer you hold the pick the hard it will be to play because your making more resistance. Hold it looser, not so loose that it falls out out your hand but loose enough to let it change angle when you change stroke direction.