Hey, you may have seen (through a number of threads and i'm truly sorry about the clutter, his'll be my last for a while.) that i've been looking to upgrade my rig both guitar and amp wise. Currently i play a guitar called a Vintage VS6. Now, whilst looking for a new guitar there have been a few things that i've been looking for in particular. Namely, a Mahogany Body, nice neck, Rosewood fretboard. So, considering my current guitar cost me £100 i figured it was probably made of some terrible wood that was probably found rotting on the floor somewhere but i've just found out that my current guitar possesses all these qualities.I've always recognised that through a good amp, my guitar sounds pretty bitch*ng but never understood why, just put it down to the amp. Anyway, i've been thinking, with a nice setup, a pup swap and some electrical work, this guitar could end up being something worth keeping. Do you think this'll be worth the money and hassle? I play mostly modern rock with a bit of metal mixed in. At the moment i get decent tone out of a MG 15CDR but i'm soon to be upgrading up to a Peavey Vypyr of some kind, at least the 30, if not the 75. Also, i turn 16 soon so i'll be able to make some money that can be spent wholly on this guitar and rig in general. Do you reckon this body and neck is worth working on?

To have a proper look at the guitar go here: http://www.guitarbitz.com/221.htm
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your amp is defiantly the majority of your tone. if you think your guitar sounds bitching through a good amp then you've already answered your own question. it comes down to YOUR opinion of your tone. but yes, better pickups will always make a guitar sound better, look into dimarzios.
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Thanks for the response (Love your sig btw). Think i might re-string it and get a setup done on it and see how i feel with it then. If that seems nice then i'll have a go at some major adjustments. If this turns out ot be any good then it will be the best spent £100 ever.
A good set up, a new nut that's well cut( try Graphtech) should work wonders. If yours has the wilkinson pickups, I'd leave them alone for now. While not the best there is, they are far from bad. If you must change them out, research what tones you like, find out what equipment the players are using and go from there. Just remember, no pickup change will make you sound like guitarist X unless you have their rig, and play just like they do.
mine does have the Wilkinsons. I quite like them but i fancy some Duncans.

edit: what Graphtech nuts in particular?
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