Hey everyone

I have a Washburn X-Series that I'm considering getting new pickups for. It has 2 single coil pickups, and a humbucker. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on combinations that would work well for the guitar, output and tone.
I play mostly some sort of metal, but I do want good cleans as well, as I play enough Opeth to need good cleans. Thanks in advance. Any questions? Ask away, if it will help
I would recomend a symore Duncan invader in the hum and hot rails in the singles the invader has a really agressive tone but can clean up nice and the hot rails are a blade pickup that has pretty much no fuzz or anything that will do what ever u put it through heavy distortion or a clean reverb.... I lissten to alot of opeth and I would say that this is the combo ur looking for....
^The invader is veeeeeeery muddy.

I would say go for a Dimarzio D sonic in the bridge and 2 crusers in the neck and middle.
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Quote by Ninja Penguin77
^The invader is very muddy

I have one in the bridge on one of my Jackson rr's and I have like no muddy tone with it....