I dont use a lot of pedals, but i assume the voodoo lab is better quality and manages power better and you can prolly hook more pedals in it safely.

if youre asking what to buy on a budget, i reccoment the one spot. i have one i used to use in a classic rock band.

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the voodoo labs power supply is great i have one
but i have used the product you have a link for and it makes a lot of noise through your amp
go to musiciansfriend.com and read the reviews people have left about this and read the reviews of the voodoo labs power supply and then decide

chances are if they want 150 bucks for something and people are willing to pay for it, its generally better than a cheaper product
Because, the outputs are isolated, it's like having 8 power supply, therefore, it eleminates some hum you get from daisy chaining your pedals. The Voodoo Lab also have two starved output wich a cool feature, and it can switch between 9v and 12v, wich is pretty useful, plus, with isolated outputs you can combine two and double the power, this way, you can get 18v and 24v.