Hey I got like 250 bucks to spend on a new combo amp...but I cant decide what to get.Should I get the peavey envoy or the peavey vypyr? Im using and Ibanez rg321mh and Im trying to play some paul gilbert yngwie and bubmblefoot stuff...any ideas? or maybe another amp...Thanks

save some more money and get a valveking. those are some of the best low priced tube amps i have ever played through.

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you could probably find a used valveking 112 for 250. that would be so much better
See if you can find a used Peavey Classic 20. From what I've heard the Valve King seems like a good option as well. They'll be worth waiting for, trust me.
Peavey Valveking and Peavey Classic 30 are good low-budget tube amps, search craigslist for one of them or save up a bit more, you'll be glad you did.


WINDSOR FTW!!! Get a Windsor or a Valveking.


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too bad I only have enough to get the little valve king for 200 and it only has a tone knob for eq settings!!! WTF... any other suggestions.
When they told you to get a Valveking, they meant for you to check Craigslist and eBay for used ones...

And I agree, in the long run a used VK will be better and will encourage you to start a pedalboard, but if you can't go used for whatever reason, the Vypyr 30 is great as well.
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