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I was hanging with some friends of mine today (all fellow jazz players) and we were discussing the images of various musicians, from metal heads to the punk rockers to the country singers, and we joked about how Jazzmen were certainly the most fearsome. This little discussion actually sparked a good rut of humor in us, so I figured you all might enjoy discussing the reasons why not to mess with a Jazzman.

1. A Jazzman has no bounds. He's always either infinitely ecstatic or extremely down-in-the-dumps. He either has nothing to lose or nothing to fear, and for that, he can do almost anything.

2. A Jazzman isn't afraid to roll his sleeves up. Literally.

3. A Jazzman's dress is classy and refined, yet dark and mysterious. Long-haired metalheads and pierced punks dare not step to the Jazzman and his formal yet informal wear.

4. A Jazzman will take your chords, invert them, flat the fifth, add a nine, then beat the **** out of you with it.
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I had a jazz teacher who was an awesome guitarist. Every time he would show me something, I sat in awe for the first time, said 'what the ****' the second time, and failed at playing it the third time.
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