Thought I'd share this with the rest of the EMG lovers in the UK:

Thomann.de sell the EMG ZW set for £118 brand new, and I think that comes with free shipping too.

Im saying this coz i have been researching into the price difference between how much more people in the UK pay for EMG's than people in the US in two minds about buying them direct from the US.

Cheapest price in the UK new: £155 (GAK)

Cheapest price in the US new: £110 (Musicians Friend, Sam Ash etc.)

Now I know people dont like buying stuff from abroard, BUT!

DV247 say they will beat ANY european price. My idea, phone up DV247, tell em you seen em for £118 with free p+p on Thomann.de, hey presto, cheap EMG's the following day.